Blog 3:

Para data Para Data is not something that can yet be fully defined. It falls under many different categories such as surveys, questionnaires, the amount of key strokes someone has, recording calls, its about being able to change things to fit the writer better. I think that something like this could be useful because of lack of response rates. which than ups the risks for no responses to these things at all. Because more and more people use computers to do things, and we are now in a digital age, we are able to find more practical and realistic data for some of these things. which will than initially help to decrease error in surveys. Para data in itself can improve many different aspects in the way that we do things, because it is able to detect so much. This being said some people may not agree with something like this. The problem with this is that if we do not use something such as para data we will never have accurate results. There are many different ways that para data can be used. In the article “The poetics of Metadata and the potential of para data revised” it talks about how para data can be used to replicate things. for example in a museum, being able to have a replication of a statue. Some people may think and ask what the point of that may be? In the article is asked “Are we doing everything we can to make digital editions accessible, legible, readable, and teachable?” we are questioning if we are to use para data as a form of teaching material, can it be something in which. I believe that having para data can be useful as far as being able to open more doors for questions, as well as information being gathered through the web. In this day and age everything is done mainly digitally. Colleges library data bases are online through the website. This is where you can find things such as peer review journals. I don’t like that we should ever lose sight of the fact of what has gotten us to this point though.                                              activeParadata-217x300


The Poetics of Metadata and the Potential of Paradata” Benzo,




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